Is your concrete cracking?

We do repairs on existing driveways with cracks and splits and for sunken slabs. The Mud Jacking Guy is a professional concrete repair services for both residential and commercial locations. Home owners can increase their home value by having cracked and damaged concrete driveways repaired. By prepping and caulking existing cracks, the driveway becomes safe again, strong again, and aesthetically appealing once again. No need for expensive replacements of entire concrete slabs. Contact us to find out what we can do for your driveway.

We examine the existing concrete driveway cracks, chase the cracks with a crack chasing blade on our grinder, we fill the prepared cracked areas with caulk, and lastly we finish the top with sand to make it look nice and presentable. Our concrete repair professionals have years of experience working with concrete and performing all types of concrete damage restorations. For all of your concrete repair needs, from mud jacking, to resurfacing, to crack repair, call the concrete repair professionals – The Mud Jacking Guy. We do structural and cosmetic repairs. Our services are much more cost effective then doing an entire removal and replacement of concrete structures. So, give us a call and schedule your concrete repair today.