Does your in-ground swimming pool have sunken concrete?

The Mud Jacking Guy is a professional concrete repair contracting company. We provide services to raise sunken concrete around your in-ground swimming pool eliminating trip hazards and restoring your backyard to new again. Swimming pool surrounds over time begin to sink into the ground due to water erosion, extended weather beating, and improperly poured concrete. With our mud jacking techniques, we are able to lift and raise sunken concrete slabs to realign and level them out creating a safer and more enjoyable backyard experience. Contact us to find out what we can do for your backyard and swimming surround concrete areas.

We examine and measure the swimming pool surrounded area to locate and mark the best drilling spots. Then we drill a small hole into the concrete and prepare it for a mixture of mud to be pumped into and under each slab. This process is repeated for all surrounding concrete slabs raising them until all surfaces are evenly leveled with the coping of the pool and properly caulked. Not only will your swimming area look presentable once again, but most importantly it will be safer for friends and family, void of trip hazards and stubbed toes, to enjoy those backyard BBQ gatherings and birthday parties.

So, if you have any sunken concrete concerns, your driveway, your living room, your front steps, tree root problems around sidewalks, your swimming pool surrounds, The Mud Jacking Guy has the professional team for all your concrete repairs. We provide services for both residential and commercial applications. So, give us a call and schedule your concrete repair today.